A key new focus for planitec btp, lean construction is an approach to ongoing process improvement that promises to make future construction sites increasingly efficient and cost-effective.

The lean approach: from manufacturing to construction

Originally designed to create value in the automotive industry by streamlining processes and avoiding waste, the lean philosophy is now emerging in the construction sector. The benefits offered by lean construction include increased efficiency and quality, through the optimization of all resources (time, materials, movements, etc.) and a step-by-step approach to operational problems.

A change of mindset for SCMC

A fundamentally collaborative approach, lean construction invites planitec btp to explore new ways of working with its partners. In particular, this means going beyond the contractual framework that traditionally links the provider of scheduling, construction management and coordination (SCMC) services to contractors, to co-build relationships that bring benefits to everyone concerned.

A strategic priority for planitec btp

Alongside planitec btp’s quality approach, lean construction offers the company an opportunity to challenge its traditional approach to SCMC. In fact, planitec btp has integrated lean construction into its 2017-2022 strategic plan, seeing it as a virtuous circle: making construction sites increasingly efficient and sustainable to deliver more value to clients and society at large.