Given the growing need for project owners to manage risks, planitec btp offers clients its consulting expertise in site organization and planning from the earliest stages of a project.

Increasingly sophisticated time and cost management

The role of scheduling, construction management and coordination (SCMC) goes beyond hands-on support. The architectural choices made on a project have implications for site planning and organization that must be considered as early as possible in the process. For this reason, planitec btp recommends getting involved right from the feasibility study phase to consider aspects such as constructability and the choice of building processes. The aim is to provide advice, flag any risks of delays and offer the relevant solutions and adjustments. By understanding the risks and complexity of a project in advance, planitec btp can provide the more detailed phasing and scheduling required to manage site costs and construction deadlines most effectively.


Because synergies are a key strength at setec, planitec btp shares its SCMC expertise and its vision of construction sites with other teams across the group. At the bidding or the planning phase, we bring a critical view of project feasibility in terms of time and space.
Dominique Bourde, project manager

Developing dedicated communications tools

planitec btp develops communications tools for its clients to clarify the complexities of construction projects. Ranging from rough sketches to a 4D building information model (BIM), these visual tools help the different stakeholders understand the particular challenges involved and make the right decisions.